Of Things Sure

So it has been a month since I last made an entry here.

Well, dear friend, I don’t have much to say, since not much has happened. Usually, when I say things like that, things end up long and drawn out instead of concise and to the point.

First off; I’ve slept. I got the pills, and they work gloriously. I’ve slept through the nights like a child. I’ve not had many nightmares either.

Second; I won’t be returning to school. At least not the one I went to, and not this autumn. I missed the deadlines for a school where one can complete disrupted studies, and almost no schools have the pace and programme I need. I’m looking for a job I can work at half time, and it actually looks kind of promising.

Third, I’ve completed the outline of a novel, and will get to writing soon. I’ve set a deadline for it to hw finished around November 2014. I hope dearly to be published.

Fourth, I’m going to visit my relatives to celebrate my grandmother’s 99th birthday today. I’m actually on the train now. I won’t have internet save for on my phone, but I’ll try to remember to blog the happenings.

Fifth, I’m going to two music festivals this summer. One in the city where I live, and one a few hours northward. The one in my city will host some of my favourite bands, and the other one I’m going to because I had a very good time last year.

I’m still not really better. I still glance longingly at my razors, but so far they’re only glances. I’m contemplating getting more tattoos to quell the urge for something that hurts. They aren’t as frowned upon as self inflicted scars are.

I want to move to Britain, or at least go there for a visit. I don’t feel like I belong in Sweden at all. I just want out of here.

That is all,
Kind regards.


About thezonesystems

Former miserable, confused teenager - now sad and confused trans adult(ish)
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